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True story, Bro:

Boobs of DOOM (pronounced "D(((O)))(((O)))M.") is two humans, Sadsack and Thumper, plus their demoniacally possessed TB-303, Muta.

Sadsack and Thumper met online playing World of WarCraft.

One day, while chatting on guild VOIP, they realised that, not only did they click musically, they were both arthritic old whores of the Glasgow music scene whom, many times over the years, had passed like mad steamers in the night. They took it upon themselves to meet up IRL and make strange music together.

How Strange.

So, essentially, if it wasn't for WoW, there would be no Boobs of DOOM.

GG Blizz!

- - - - - - - - -

///"WOW IS DEAD" is a concept album about grief, sadness, madness and finding solace; one warscarred orc sets out with his best friend, a 2000 yr old undead blood elf, to avenge the death of his beloved, and, in doing so uncovers an eons old revenge plot with world-colliding apocalyptic ramifications;
running parallel:
one man (and his cat) trying to cope with the recent death of his wife finds escape in an online fantasy world and solace in using his guildmates as an emotional crutch;
then, both worlds start to bleed...

Additionally, this serves as Boobs of DOOM's tongue-in-cheek love letter to the massive, one-of-a-kind, huge-arse, glorious gaming fluke that is:

///World of WarCraft\\\

Music for / inspired by:

-late night dungeons,
-fishing for 4 hours straight,
-inebriated raiding
-being a 'completely smashed' dancing Ghostwolf at the Darkmoon Faire
-ore whoring
-transmog vogue-ing
-moaning aboot total lack of Dance Studio
-making 99,999,000 cookies
-trolling in trade
-achievement farming
-actually defending the damn flag
-logging in to do garrisons, then logging off
-liking pies
-beating Deathwing in a knife fight
-playing with the best friends ye could ever want via the world's weirdest medium: the Internet.
-wondering what the hell we are wittering aboot
and much much more!

This album is for all the fabulously freaky geeky passionate WoW players.

It's a strange old world out there, Peeps. Let's keep it that way.

Play Nice.


- - - - - - - - -

"...sounds like the soundtrack David Lynch’s nightmares produce when he’s drunk. And I mean that in the nicest kind of way. Sounds wriggle through your speakers, tribal drums cross swords with actual swordfighting noises, weird synths blip throughout. These guys have found a way to make sonic palettes reminiscing of vast landscapes where everything is black and white, and you can see miles in front of you. But danger is always lurking. Since their last release, I feel like they’ve grown even more, and created something really sticks with you."

"Their latest dazzling mix D(((O)))(((O)))MHAMMER. is a genuine example of the number of coatings manipulated by these damn talented war crafters. 20 proper minutes of dirty vibes, a rightful threatening ascension to a heart-warming corrupted planet, where music and noise buzz gracefully."

"...SadSack and Thumper's most accomplished to date ...The music itself takes bleak caustic soundscapes and moulds them electronically into something wonderful, taking in nods to Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, Dalek as well as dark doom laden techo and slugs of heavy duty stoned beats."

"Such an incredible hodgepodge of styles and genres from industrial to ambient and even a touch of old school dubstep (the low-key kind, not the ravy kind). Think Burial as opposed to Skrillex. "Tinker Town vs. The Goblin Slums" actually sounds like an outtake from NIN's Ghosts while "Green Jesus Voodoo Warchief" is a tribal acid trip courtesy of your local witch doctor... This is Boobs of Doom's own personal The Downward Spiral. Who'd have thought an album about two dudes who met over their mutual love of music and World of Warcraft could get so artsy?"

"... the seven tracks are dark, glitchy and imaginative. Delivering an amalgam of styles and textures, with a sinister vibe, the album is dynamic, surprising and all together enjoyable. A perfect piece for stirring the imagination and unsettling the status quo."

"Let's face the music, now: our Scots' «Doom Hop Grimmrokk» appears definitely to be personal and fearless to experiment. The universe depicted by this work is made of acidic colours and psychedelic forms, with apparently static elements that instead transform both themselves and the whole sound-base alike; the mixture of Drone buzzes and liquid, abysmal and lysergic Ambient arrangements acts as a solid constant throughout these almost seventy minutes of music,.."

"Coming at the end of the year, this, the duo’s 8th offering since March 2014, nevertheless comfortably pushes itself into the top five to come out of Scotland this year; it’s utterly at ease with itself and confident; it’s mood music in the sense that it pulls you into its dark recesses and confronts you with its acidic menace… whilst also being a joy to listen to."

- - - - - - - - -

A special thank you to the beautiful mad genies at Blizzard for giving us a whole world to commit unspeakable acts of cathartic, comedic violence in. World of Warcraft, and the amazing mental friends we have made over the years, have helped through some dark, grim times. You did that.




- - - - - - - - -

This album doesn't have a PEGI rating, but we'd give 12 or something, coz cartoon violence, ye know, ...and maybe some of the sad bits, eh?


*(GrammarNazis feel free to complain in /2).


released October 30, 2016

* * *
Sadsack and Thumper made this and they play Horde. All the Horde bias is totally their fault (but remember, kids: everyone was an Ally Nub once ...probably. =D ).

THNX: All our mad guildies, Mo, Sam, Ingvar, Stephan, Edvin, Alex, Mark, Dave, Dex, Eliot, Geoff, Duke, Juicy, JJ, Dustin, Shayne, Pete, Dem, Kevin and everyone else we totally forgot coz weer crap...and you.





Boobs of DOOM Scotland, UK

& Thumper;
Two WoW obsessed Scottish morbid misanthropes soundtracking the end of the world with stoopid-computers, rusty guitars and an ageing wonky TB-303 called Muta, since 2013.

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