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Sanandana Two exceptional tracks of cosmic ambiance. Flavours of Timewind-era Klaus Schulze permeate Stupid Cosmonaut’s track and the Boobs of Doom serve up a strong dose of trance-inducing trippiness on theirs. Favorite track: Vibrations From a Dying Soul.
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"A swollen sun beats down relentlessly on a dying planet. All water has been rendered undrinkable and the only remaining life resides beneath a few remote, domed UV shields. In a seemingly futile, last ditch attempt for survival, the last of the species feverishly transmit countless distress signals out into the cosmos, all the time, scanning the airwaves and hoping"

Split release between likewise cosmic explorers
Stupid Cosmonaut
Boobs of Doom.

Stupid Cosmonaut are a Bury, Uk-based pseudonymous musical entity consisting of Sam Read, Steven McNamara, Andy Hunt and Mark Hawnt experimenting with electronic, ambient and psychedelic sounds.

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"...dark, heavy and relentless. ...Together these two quite different tracks work really well together. There’s so much going on here that it’s going to take a few more listens for me to really get my head round it. But weirdly as soon as I started to listen to it I just had to start writing about it. I urge you to have a listen because this is beautiful, intelligent and thought-provoking music that is really a powerful statement by both bands."


released May 5, 2017

1. Signals from a Dying Sun (Stupid Cosmonaut)
2. Vibrations from a Dying Soul (Boobs of Doom)
Mastered by Steve McNamara
Artwork by Steve McNamara




Boobs of DOOM Scotland, UK

#DoomHop #Grimmrokk

Sadsack MacDOOM
& Thumper;
Two WoW obsessed Scottish morbid misanthropes soundtracking the end of the world with stoopid-computers, rusty guitars and an ageing wonky TB-303 called Muta, since 2013.

Several albums later; world still not ended...

Still not porn!

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